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Golf Entertainment

What is Golf Entertainment? It's that fun stuff that takes your mind off the seriousness of on-course golf; it's the lighter side of the game. Golf Entertainment includes video games and videos; jokes and humor; celebrities, golf moves and golf on TV; books and games and more entertaining diversions around the sport.
  1. Celebrity Golf (15)
  2. Golf Humor - Have a Laugh with Some Golf Humor (6)
  3. Golf Trivia (16)
  4. Miniature Golf (24)
  5. The Big Break (35)
  6. Video Games/Computer Games (38)

Golf Games
On About.com, we have several popular resources for golfers looking for golf games to play - whether those golf games are intended for on-course or off-course fun. Check out the features listed here to find info on the type of golf games in which you are interested.

Golf Pictures
Golf pictures, including historic golf photos, are sprinkled over thousands of pages throughout the About.com Golf site. But we also have photo galleries, where images are gathered covering specific topics. Here you can find those golf photo galleries. Do galleries really count as "golf entertainment"? When they include some titled "Sexy Golf" they do!

Golf Movies
Here's some good old-fashioned golf entertainment: movies. What are the best and worst golf movies? What are your favorite movie quotes? Would you like to post your own movie reviews? Check this Golf Movies index for all that and more.

Golf Video
Watch golf video from About.com, including instructional clips and how-to videos about the game, and find recommendations on golf videos and DVDs to purchase.

Golf Books
Read or submit your own golf book reviews, share your favorites with other golfers, find lists of recommended instructional books.

Golf Polls
Make your opinion known - cast your vote in these golf polls. Below we've listed some of the most popular golf polls on the site. Click on a topic to view the poll, cast a vote and see how others have voted.

Your Favorite Golf Side Games and Bets
What are your favorite side games to play with friends on the golf course? What formats or bets does your group like to play? Share your favorites here.

Golf Dates - Share Your Thoughts On and Experiences with Golf Dating
What do you think about golf dates as a way to meet a potential boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you have experience with golf dating? Share your thoughts and read what other golfers have said, including any shared tips.

"Highway 18"
Learn more about the Golf Channel reality series "Highway 18," including cast members and cast photos.

Custom Golf Carts: Show Off Your Ride
Have you bought a custom golf cart, or customized a cart yourself? Here you can show off your ride by sending in photos of your baby and telling us about the custom job. And check out the styles in which other golfers ride.

'Seven Days in Utopia'
Read about the golf movie Seven Days in Utopia, view the cast, and add your own movie review.

'The Greatest Game Ever Played'
Find information about the golf movie The Greatest Game Ever Played, including cast list and details about the real-life golfers portrayed in the flick.

'Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius'
View details about the golf movie Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, including a cast list, DVD info and reviews. Plus, you can add your own review of the flick.

What Is Your Biggest Choke on the Golf Course?
Every golfer, from the highest-handicapper to the best pro, suffers a choke job from time to time. What is your biggest choke on the golf course? Tell your tale of woe and read what others golfers have said.

John Daly Drink: Recipes, and Why the Cocktail Is Named for the Golfer
Read about the John Daly drink, including recipe variations, the origins of the cocktail, and why it's named after the golfer.

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