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Golf Courses


Golf courses are the best places on earth for golfers - unless you just made a triple-bogey. This hub of information on About.com Golf about golf courses includes information for beginners, for travel enthusiasts, and for folks who just love looking at pretty pics of golf courses. You'll also find FAQs about operations and protocols at golf courses.

Golf Courses: An Introduction

golf courses
PGA of America / Getty Images
Meet the Golf Course
If you're a beginner to the game, you might not know much about golf courses. In fact, that might be why you're here. This introduction to the golf course explains the basic elements that make up our playing fields.

Different Types of Golf Courses
Golf courses can be categorized by size and length; by accessibility (open to all golfers or only some?); or by design and settings.

Golf Course Terminology

golf courses
Photo © Where2Golf.com
Here are a few of the basic terms relating to golf courses: And our glossary of golf course terms includes dozens of more definitions of terms both basic and advanced.

Great Golf Courses Around the World

This page provides profiles of some of the best and most famous golf courses around the world. You'll be able to read about the history, the pars and yardages, the course architects, facts and trivia about the courses listed. And in many cases, you'll also have the option to add your review of a course, if you've been lucky enough to play it.

Photo Galleries of Great Golf Courses

golf courses
David Cannon / Getty Images
Some of the best golf courses around the world are featured in our golf course pictures galleries. Check the list to view the photo galleries.

Major Championship Golf Courses

Oakmont Country Club - major championship golf courses
Photo by Christopher Hunt; used with permission

Maintenance of Golf Courses

golf courses
© About.com Golf
Taking care of the golf course is something that isn't just up to the superintendent and grounds crew. It's also the obligation of golfers. Do you know ...

Golf Course FAQ

golf courses
David Cannon / Getty Images
Those are just a few of the questions for which you'll find answers in our Golf Course FAQ section. Browse through it to find many FAQs relating to golf courses, and many, many more about other golf topics.

Tee Times

What exactly is a tee time, and what are the procedures and protocols relating to making and using tee time reservations? Start with the tee time hub and branch out from there into several related FAQs.

Wanted: Your reviews of online tee time booking Web sites

Golf Courses: Travel Destinations

golf courses
Photo by Stewart Abramson; used with permission
Did you know that About.com has an entire site dedicated to Golf Travel? Check it out if you're interested in finding great destination information built around golf courses.

... and more about Golf Courses

Southern Hills Country Club - Hole 14
PGA of America / Getty Images
Here are some more interesting articles and resources relating to golf courses:
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