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Augusta National Photos


This Augusta National Photos page lists our galleries showcasing the famous golf course, Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters.

Augusta National Golf Club Pictures

This gallery shows general Augusta National photos from the Masters golf course, including multiple images of the famous par-3 No. 12 hole at Amen Corner. Most of these images were submitted by readers.

Augusta National Landmarks

Eisenhower Cabin Augusta National Golf Club
David Cannon / Getty Images
There are many famous landmarks around Augusta National Golf Club - the Hogan and Nelson bridges, for example; the Eisenhower and Butler cabins; the Palmer and Nicklaus plaques, and more. These Augusta National photos showcase those landmarks and provide information about them, such as dedication dates and histories.

Augusta National Golf Club Par 3 Course

Augusta Par 3 Course
Jamie Squire / Getty Images
In addition to The Masters course, Augusta also has a 9-hole par-3 course. That little course is the site of The Masters Par-3 Contest every year. Many golf course aficionados consider it the best par-3 course in the world. That course, and its features and history, are showcased in these Augusta National photos.

Have You Attended The Masters? Show Us

Attending The Masters is a special event for all who manage to get tickets, not the least of which because of the first-hand experience of seeing Augusta National Golf Club up-close. Have you attended The Masters? We'd love to hear your story about the experience. And you can include (at your option) one or two photos of the experience - golf course pics, player pics, yourself at a famous landmark.

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