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Donegal Golf Club Photo Gallery


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Hole No. 3
3rd hole at Donegal Golf Club
Photo by Rick Hendershot; used with permission
The third hole at Donegal is a par-3 named Bell's Isle.

Photographer's comments: "Hole No. 3 is one of the more benign holes at Donegal. After a drive over a narrow burn, the large green is receptive to a skillfully played run-up. But as usual, don't underestimate the force of that wind blowing in your face."

Donegal Golf Club is located on the Murvagh Peninsula against Donegal Bay, not far from Donegal Town in northwest Ireland. The course opened in 1976 and is considered one of Ireland's finest. The Bluestack Mountains serve as a backdrop for the links, and Donegal Bay and the northwest Atlantic Ocean bracket the peninsula. The on-course views match the off-course in many places around the links, which plays through tall, golden fescue and dunes.

Over the following pages we offer another 10 photos of Donegal, with brief photographer's comments accompanying each photo in the gallery.

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