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The Old Course - Hole 16


Photo tour of The Old Course at St. Andrews
Old Course at St. Andrews Hole 16

Looking from behind the green on the 16th hole of The Old Course.

David Cannon / Getty Images
  • Name of 16th hole: Corner Of The Dyke
  • Par: 4
  • Yards: 423 (all yardages in this gallery are listed from the tees in use during the 2010 British Open.
An out-of-bounds fence runs the entire length of the hole down the right side, and there's a narrow gap between the fence and the Principal's Nose group of bunkers in the fairway. About 30 yards beyond the Principal's Nose cluster is the Deacon Sime bunker, so hitting that alley is a risk. There is disagreement among experts over whether the risk of playing right of Principal's Nose is worth the reward of an easier approach. Some course guides say that's the best line, but Jack Nicklaus always preferred going left of Principal's Nose off the tee.

Playing short and/or left of the Principal's Nose does present a tougher approach, however, with a carry over Grant's and Wig bunkers required, and the ball heading toward the OB fence if long.

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