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Magnolia Lane at Augusta National


From the Augusta National Landmarks gallery: Magnolia Lane
Magnolia Lane Augusta National Golf Club

Magnolia Lane leads from the Augusta National Golf Club entrance off Washington Road to the clubhouse.

Harry How / Getty Images
To enter Augusta National Golf Club, travel down Washington Road in Augusta, Ga., to the club's gated entrance (take note of the "members only" sign), then - if you get past the guarded gate - turn onto Magnolia Lane, the entryway to Augusta National. Magnolia Lane ends in a roundabout in front of the clubhouse (with Founders Circle inside the roundabout).

The short road (driveway, really) is famous for its canopy of magnolia trees that date back to the 1850s. According to the Augusta Chronicle newspaper, there are 61 magnolia trees on each side of Magnolia Lane, and the road is 330 yards long. Those trees' branches meet overhead, creating a tunnel effect that is particularly striking when the trees are in bloom.

Magnolia Lane was unpaved for the first decade and a half of the club's existence, but was paved in 1947.

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