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Butler Cabin at Augusta National


From the Augusta National Landmarks gallery: The Butler Cabin
Butler Cabin Augusta National Golf Club

The Butler Cabin is one of the highest-profile cabins on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club due to its involvement in the Masters television coverage.

David Cannon / Getty Images
The Butler Cabin is probably the best-known of the 10 cabins on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club. Like the other nine, the Butler Cabin is available to members, and guests of members, as lodging.

Why is the Butler Cabin so well-known? Because every year during the television broadcast of The Masters, American TV network CBS hosts its broadcast from inside the Butler Cabin. And at the conclusion of the tournament, the previous year's champion presents the Green Jacket to the new champion in a brief ceremony inside the Butler Cabin (in the basement, to be exact). (The "official" Green Jacket presentation takes place later back on the course for fans.).

Butler Cabin was built in 1964 and named after Thomas Butler, an Augusta National member of the time. It is located between the clubhouse and the Par-3 Course. The cabin was first used by CBS in 1965.

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