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Wisconsin Golf Courses


Whistling Straits - Wisconsin Golf Courses

Whistling Straits, north of Sheboygan, is the most famous of Wisconsin golf courses.

David Cannon / Getty Images
Wisconsin golf courses sit along the state's long Lake Michigan shoreline, and amidst the trees of the northern forests. They can be found in the resort areas such as the Wisconsin Dells, and in the big cities such as Milwaukee and Madison.

On this page we offer resources related to Wisconsin golf courses, to help you find ideas on the best places to play - or to share your own recommendations with others.

Best Wisconsin Golf Courses

What are the best Wisconsin golf courses? We're talking not just the best courses across the state as a whole, but the top tracks in the largest cities. Read what courses others have nominated as Wisconsin's top golf courses or make your own picks.

Go to Best Wisconsin Golf Courses to find specific cities and regions, or go directly to the area in which you're interested:
Milwaukee | Madison | Statewide

Photo Tour of Whistling Straits
Whistling Straits is one of the major championship venues in Wisconsin, having hosted PGA Championships, a U.S. Senior Open, and with a Ryder Cup on the way. Take a photo tour of this famous layout north of Sheboygan.

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