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Golf Course Travel

Destinations and Advice for Golf Course Travel


Pebble Beach No. 7

Scenery such as this awaits those who enjoy golf course travel.

Jeff Gross / Getty Images
Are you the type of golfer who builds vacation plans around the golf courses that will be nearby? Then you are into golf course travel planning. This Golf Course Travel page includes tips and suggestions from fellow travellers, as well as photo galleries of great destination courses around the world.

We also offer some valuable links for golf course travel: About.com has a separate golf travel site guided by Blair Howard, a veteran photojournalist and golf course travel expert. Some of the resources below point you to Blair's site for further exploration.

Now, let's explore golf course travel:
Florida Golf Courses
St. Andrews golf

Favorite Family Golf Vacations
This is where readers and fellow golf travellers share their stories of favorite family golf vacactions. You can share your favorite, too (and include photos), or read about the places others have visited to get ideas for your own family. Pay attention to the tips and advice the travellers offer, too.

Golf Buddy Trips
Have you taken a golf buddy trip? We're looking for stories of great trips and great destinations for buddy trips. Share yours, along with your advice to others planning buddy trips.

Photo Tours of Great Golf Courses
The photo galleries indexed here are of great golf courses around the world. Want inspiration for a little golf course travel? You're sure to find it here.

U.S. Golf
Golf course travel around the United States, organized by geographic region.

Caribbean Golf Travel
Find information about the top destinations in the Caribbean, plus sections on Mexico, the Bahamas and Bermuda.

UK and Irish Golf
Golf course travel across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Many of the world's best golf course travel destinations are in Scotland and Ireland.

Golf Travel Deals and Packages
Looking for a deal? A discount? A group tour package? Blair Howard rounds up the latest deals and packages here.

Golf Travel Tips
Golf course travel tips from an expert.

Florida Golf Courses
Florida is one of the most popular golf course travel destinations, and here you'll find info on more than 250 Florida courses and resorts.

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