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Golf Course Reviews


Old Course at St. Andrews Hole 18

The Old Course at St. Andrews.

David Cannon / Getty Images
If you're interested in reading (or writing) golf course reviews, ratings and rankings, below you'll find resources relating to just that. Listed first are areas on About.com where we index golf course reviews and profiles (and to which you can add comments and ratings). After that you'll see links to a few of the best other sites around the web that provide golfers with golf course reviews and rankings.

Golf Course Reviews on About.com

Great Golf Courses
Here you'll find profiles of some of the most famous courses around the world. Each profile includes details about the course itself (pars, yardages, etc.), plus history, facts about the course designer(s), and plenty of trivia, plus photos. Most of the profiles also give you the chance to add your own review and rating, if you've played a course.

Post Your Course Reviews/Comments In Forum
Check out the About.com Golf Forum if you'd like to post a golf course review of your own on About.com: You can write about any course you've played, anywhere in the world. Post your reviews to the Course/Resort Discussion folder.

About.com Golf Travel Reviews of Courses and Resorts
Did you know About.com has an entire site dedicated to Golf Travel? Now you do. Our Golf Travel guide offers his reviews of golf courses and resorts around the world, along with articles, photos and many other resources related to golf travel.

Golf Course Reviews on the Web

Golf.com Courses and Travel
Golf.com is the website of Golf Magazine, and this link takes you to the Courses and Travel section of the site. Golf Magazine course rankings (both USA and worldwide) are listed, plus there are trip planners, course finders, and Q&A with Golf.com course and travel experts.

Golf Digest's Courses and Travel
This section on the Golf Digest website includes the magazine's semi-annual rankings of the best courses inside and outside the United States, and best public golf courses. It also links you to the publication's golf course finder, called "Places to Play."

WorldGolf.com's Reviews Index
WorldGolf.com is a website powered by the Golf Channel. This page indexes the many, worldwide golf course reviews that appear on the site. Readers can select from featured reviews, navigate to a specific geographical region, or browse the review headlines.

Golf Club Atlas
If you are serious about golf course architecture, its history, its finer points, its minute details, then Golf Club Atlas and its vibrant discussion group are worth your visit. Site includes nearly 200 detailed reviews of top courses around the world.

Golf Course Reviews on PGA.com
The PGA of America website's section on golf courses includes reviews, lists of rankings (for example: best courses in Tennessee, best college courses), plus a search engine that allows readers to find nearby courses.

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