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Florida Golf Courses


TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course No. 17

TPC Sawgrass is one of the top Florida golf courses - but watch out for that island green.

David Cannon / Getty Images
Florida golf courses fit in nicely next to the state's sand and surf, among its Everglades and waterways. And sometimes, even among its swamps.

On this page we offer resources related to Florida golf courses, to help you find ideas on the best places to play - or to share your own recommendations with others.

Best Florida Golf Courses

What are the best Florida golf courses? We're talking not just the best courses across the state as a whole, but the top tracks in the major golf markets around the state. Read what courses others have nominated as Florida's top golf courses or make your own picks.

Go to Best Florida Golf Courses to find specific cities and regions, or go directly to the area in which you're interested:
Orlando | Miami | Fort Lauderdale | Jacksonville
Tampa-St. Pete | Destin | Palm Beach | Sarasota

Have you Taken a Golf Trip to Florida?

We'd like to hear about it. Share your golf vacation stories:
Family Golf Vacations | Golf Buddy Trips

Florida Golf Courses - Photo Galleries

Check out Golf Course Pictures index page to find photo galleries of golf courses in Florida.

Florida Golf Courses on the Travel Site

About.com has a separate Golf Travel site that provides all kinds of great tips about planning, booking, taking and enjoying golf trips. Check it out for more about Florida golf courses.
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