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Golf Course Architecture and Design

Golf course architects are becoming celebrities in their own rights, producing some of the most spectacular man-made scenery on the globe in the form of great golf courses. If you'd like to learn more about golf course design - or find information on golf course architects - these sites are sure to be helpful.
  1. Golf Course Designers (21)

Photo Galleries of Famous Golf Courses
View images from some of the most famous golf courses around the world in these photo galleries.

What - and Where - is the Church Pews Bunker?
What and where is the Church Pews Bunker? Find out with this FAQ from the About.com Golf Golf

Redan - Golf FAQ: What Is a Redan Hole?
Learn what a "redan hole" is in golf, and about the origin of the term.

FAQ: What is a Links Course?
An entry in our Golf History FAQ, this article looks at the true meaning of the term "links course."

American Society of Golf Course Architects
This professional organization has more than 100 member golf course architects, and you can browse the membership list for info on each. The site also offers a developer's handbook, golf course design books and info on environmental issues.

Donald Ross Society
One of the greatest of all golf course architects, the Scotsman built some of the finest courses from the first half of the 20th Century, including Pinehurst No. 2. The Ross Society is dedicated to his memory and works.

European Institute of Golf Course Architects
A professional organization for European golf course architects that offers news, a library of articles on golf course design, and short profiles of member architects.

Golf Club Atlas
You'll find some great information on this site about the development of golf course design, plus the owner's opinions on courses he's played around the world. There's a discussion group, too, so share your opinions.

Golf Digest's Course Critic
Ron Whitten critiques golf course design for Golf Digest, and here you'll find a library of his reviews, features and other articles.

Site full of thousands of photos of the best golf courses from around the world, run by architect Frank Pont.

Society of Australian Golf Course Architects
A good section on golf and the environment highlights this professional organization's site. Visitors can also browse the list of member golf course architects.

The Tillinghast Society
This group is dedicated to honoring A.W. Tillinghast, one of the pre-eminent golf course architects of the early 20th Century. It includes essays on some of Tillie's finest golf course designs, including Bethpage Black.

Indio Effect - What is the Indio Effect in Golf?
Indio Effect - What is the Indio Effect in Golf?

Merion's Wicker Baskets
Merion Golf Club's flagsticks don't have flags; instead they are topped by wicker baskets. But why? Here's a look at Merion's famous baskets.

On the Path Between Tees
Many golf courses mow a narrow pathway through the rough that separates teeing grounds and fairways. Why? What's it called? Did Ben Hogan really inspire it?

What Is a Cape Hole?
A cape hole is a type of hole that golfers might encounter on a golf course, one that includes specific design elements. Here is an explanation.

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