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Torrey Pines Golf Course Pictures

Photo Gallery of the South Course at Torrey Pines


Torrey Pines Golf Course is a 36-hole municipal facility just outside San Diego, Calif., built on land sitting along oceanside cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are two courses at Torrey Pines, the North Course and South Course, and both are used annually during the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open.

The South Course is the more-famous and more-highly regarded of the two tracks, and hosted the 2008 U.S. Open. The South Course is the one pictured in this photo gallery.

When you are finished checking out this gallery, read our profile of Torrey Pines, or visit the Golf Course Pictures index to find more galleries.

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Torrey Pines Golf Course - Full AerialAerial OverviewTorrey Pines Golf Course - No. 1Hole No. 1Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 3Hole No. 3Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 4Hole No. 4
Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 5Hole No. 5Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 6Hole No. 6Torrey Pines Golf Course - The CliffsThe Cliffs ITorrey Pines Golf Course - Cliffs 3The Cliffs II
Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 15Hole No. 15Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 16Hole No. 16Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 17Hole No. 17Torrey Pines Golf Course - No. 18Hole No. 18
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