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Bethpage Black - Warning!


A warning sign at Bethpage State Park's Black Course.
Bethpage Black Golf Course Warning Sign
David Cannon / Getty Images
Of the five courses at Bethpage State Park, the Black Course is the most famous - and the toughest. How tough? So tough they put up a warning sign, which reads, "The Black Course is an extremely difficult course which we recommend only for highly skilled golfers."

How difficult? So difficult the USGA has selected this public golf course as the site of its national championship, the U.S. Open. It's so tough that there's another warning on the Bethpage State Park Web site that reads, "The Black Course is a difficult and challenging course that should be played only by low-handicap golfers."

For everyday play, the Black Course tips out at 7,366 yards, with a par of 71, a USGA course rating of 76.6, and a USGA slope rating of 148.

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