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Augusta National Golf Club Par-3 Course

Photo Gallery of the Par-3 Course at Augusta National


The 18 holes over which The Masters is played aren't the only golf holes on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club. They make up the "big course." The "little course" is a 9-hole par-3 course that goes by the name of ... Par-3 Course. The Augusta National Par-3 Course is the site of the annual Par-3 Contest, which takes place on Wednesday of Masters week. That event is now televised, which puts the Par-3 Course in front of the general golfing public one day a year.

The photos below show scenes of the Augusta National Par-3 Course, and the text that accompanies the images provide a little bit of the history of the Par-3 Course.

When you're finished here, browse other Augusta galleries:

Images 1-9 of 9
Augusta Par 3 Course - Holes 8 and 9Not Your Average Par-3 CourseAugusta National Par-3 course greensAugusta National Par-3 Course GreensAugusta Par 3 Course Ike's PondIke's Pondaugusta national par 3 course - tiny greensAugusta Par-3 Course: Those Greens Again
Augusta Par 3 CourseShaved BanksAugusta Par 3 Course - 9th TeeAugusta National Par-3 Course HistoryAugusta Par 3 Course designersAugusta National Par-3 Course DesignersAugusta Par 3 Course layout and yardageAugusta Par-3 Course: Modern Layout, Yardage
Augusta Par 3 Course scorecardAugusta National Par-3 Course Scorecard
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