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How to Regrip Golf Clubs


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Remove Old Golf Grip
Removing an old golf grip

Cut away from your body when removing an old golf grip (and make sure nobody is in front of you or to the side).

Courtesy of Kevin Redfern; used with permission
Hold one end of the golf club securely under your arm, with the grip end in front of you.

Using the utility knife (remember, use a hooked blade rather than a pointed blade), cut through the length of the old grip, making sure to cut away from you. Peel off the old grip.

Important: For safety's sake, be certain that no part of your body is in the way in case the knife slips (especially the hand with which you are holding the shaft), and that nobody is in front of you or to your side. Always cut away from your body. In other words, be careful! (next step)

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