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Review: Sunice Typhoon Cameron Jacket

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Sunice Typhoon Cameron Jacket
Courtesy of Sunice; used with permission
The Pros
  • Soft and comfortable coated shell.
  • Slim styling and lightweight construction is very flattering.
  • Stretch sleeve panels and back insert ensure full range of motion.
  • Adjustable sleeves and collar tabs to block out water.
  • Pull cord at waist, cleverly constructed to remain up inside the jacket.
  • Great selection of colors.
The Cons
  • Front zipper is a bit fussy. Needs attention when pulling (but this does ensure a completely waterproof seal).
The Review - Sunice Typhoon Cameron Jacket
Anyone who's serious about their golf game is going to want outerwear that works. Because if you're serious about golf, you'll eventually find yourself playing in weather that's cold, wet and windy ... or a combination of the three.

For the past year I've been trying to get by with multiple layers of whatever was in my closet; a windshirt, over a turtleneck, over a fleece undershirt ... or a rain jacket, over a polo, over a turtleneck. That kind of thing. So when I had the chance to try out the Typhoon Cameron, a high-tech, waterproof jacket from sportswear manufacturer Sunice, I grabbed it.

The styling was the first thing I noticed; the narrowness of the cut, slightly tapered at the waist, was unusual, in a good way. In two good ways actually, because narrow and tapered is more flattering, and at the same time, less likely to flap about and distract during your swing.

My jacket was black and chintz, essentially black and white. It's sophisticated and sporty, with the white coming in on the back and sleeve panels. The logo is dynamic but discreet and appears as a small icon on the back panel.

I put on the jacket, and had a bit of trouble with the zipper. It's a two-way zipper and one needs to align it a bit more carefully than normal due to the tight, totally waterproof construction.

I immediately noticed the feel of the sleeves. My arms felt supported, but not restricted and my range of motion was in no way limited ... thanks in large part to the high tech, full four-way stretch fabric that runs the length of the sleevels and across the back of the jacket. I also really liked the stretch knit liner in the sleeves, which provided the first layer of protection at the wrists. The second layer came with the adjustable Velcro cuffs on the outer shell.

The neckline, too, is engineered to provide a comfortable water barrier. The stand-up collar has an understated fold tab that further insulates the zipper.

I half-expected my swing to be restricted by all these high-tech waterproofing features. But it wasn't. There was no restriction and no bulky flapping of excess fabric. I like the waist cord, too. It allowed me to create a kind of custom fit and was easy to work with. Covered pocket zippers and a seemless shoulder design rounded out the style features.

The true test of this jacket's functionally came when I took it out to the course on a wet, windy day. And it passed with flying colors. Water just beaded up and rolled away. It felt great.

Sunice has been around for more than 30 years and began as a merger between a clothing designer and a manufacturer of firefighter's uniforms. The company obviously sees the value of style and the necessity of substance. I'm enjoying both features in the Sunice Typhoon Cameron Jacket.

Sunice is introducing some great new outerwear items in their 2009 collection for both men and women, too. The color palette will contrast sophisticated shades with bold brights and new items will feature innovative high tech fabric and construction. After my positive experience with the Sunice Typhoon Cameron jacket, I look forward to checking the 2009 styles.

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