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Golf Shoes

News and Information about Golf Shoes


Golf Shoes

A brightly colored golf shoes model from adidas.

Courtesy of TaylorMade/adidas; used with permission
Golf shoes run the gamut from traditional leather-with-tassles to more modern golf sandals and moccasins, with a very broad variety of styles in-between the formal and the casual.

On this page we archive the occasional articles (and reviews) about golf shoes that we post on About.com. We also offer readers the opportunity to share their own opinions and recommendations about golf shoes.

Submit A Golf Shoes Review
We need our golf shoes to offer support and prevent us from sliding around during the swing. We also want our golf shoes to look good and feel good. How do your golf shoes stack up? Submit your ratings of golf shoes you've tried and we'll publish your review on About.com

Are Golf Shoes Required?
That's a question addressed in our Beginners FAQ. The short answer is no, although you won't find many experienced golfers who are willing to play without them. Because they serve a valuable purpose. Read the FAQ for more.

Golf Shoe Opinions
One way to get ideas and suggestions for golf equipment is to ask other golfers. That's what we've done with golf shoes. We want to know what kind of shoes you prefer - what brand, model, and/or style. Share your golf shoe preference and read what others have said.

Golf Shoes News/Reviews

New Balance lightweight, cleated models
Nike TW' 14 Mesh golf shoes
FootJoy FJ City
adidas ClimaCool Ballerina
adidas pure 360 golf shoes
Early 2014 models from adidas, Puma
New Balance 2014 golf shoes
Puma Monolite golf shoes
Nike Air Embellish women's shoes
adidas Adicross Tour
Nike TW'14 golf shoes
adidas adiZero
FootJoy M:Project
Callaway 2013 footwear line
Puma PG Clyde
adidas adicross II
Nike Lunar Bandon
adidas Puremotion and Crossflex shoes
GoBe golf shoes
Nike TW '13 golf shoes
Nike Lunar Ascend golf shoes
Allen Edmonds Honors Collection 2012 models
adidas Powerband 4.0
VivoBarefoot Hybrid golf shoes
adidas Samba Golf shoes
FootJoy Contour Casual
Callaway 2012 footwear line
adidas Street golf shoes
Etonic Difference golf shoes
Insta Golf Shoes
Allen Edmonds Honors Collection
Nike Lunar Links golf shoes
Nike Air Embellish golf shoes
Nike Zoom Advance golf shoes
Callaway 2011 golf shoes lineup
Oliver Wilson's "glove shoes"
Nike Lunar Control golf shoes
adidas Traxion Lite golf shoes
Ecco Spring/Summer 2011 shoe collection
Etonic Stabilizer golf shoes
adidas adiPure Z golf shoes
Callaway Hyperbolic SL
adidas Tour360 4.0 shoes
FootJoy FJ Sport line
Geox Net System shoes
Sandbaggers 2009 Countour Collection golf shoes
adidas 2009 golf shoes lineup
Review: Ecco Women's Casual Cool Hydromax golf shoes (Spring/Summer 2009 collection)
Ecco golf shoes - men's and women's Spring 2009 collections
adidas Tour 360 3.0 shoes
FootJoy FJ SuperLites shoes
FootJoy Women's 2007/2008 line
Ecco 2007 U.S. men's shoe collection
ReelFit golf shoes by FootJoy
Review: Alias Footwear golf shoes
Limited edition "patriotic" shoes from Ecco
LT Series from FootJoy

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