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Golf Apparel

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golf apparel

Models frolic and cavort in their golf apparel, including outerwear.

Courtesy of Abacus; used with permission
Golf apparel has come a long way from the days when golfers were often ridiculed by non-golfers for their dress - for the often loud, sometimes outrageous styles seen on golf courses. Modern golf apparel is frequently admired by non-golfers alike for sleek, stylish, even elegant looks. Of course, those loud, outrageous styles still exist. Everything old is new again, after all.

Below you'll find golf apparel resources including headlines about new clothing and outerwear for golfers. When we add new golf apparel articles to the site, we archive them here.

Wanted: Your Golf Clothes Reviews
Hey, golf fashion mavens: Want to have your reviews of golf apparel published on About.com? Submit a review of an individual piece, or of a specific collection (e.g., Brand X fall line for women). Others can read reviews already submitted for opinions about different brands and types of golf apparel.
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Wanted: Your Reviews of Bad Weather Gear
Have you invested in technical golf apparel designed to help you keep playing in the rain, cold or wind? We'd like to get your ratings of rainsuits, jackets, wet-weather gloves and similar products.
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FAQ: Do Courses Have a Dress Code?
This entry in our beginner's FAQ answers that question - whether golfers are required to dress a certain way when visiting golf courses to play.

Gallery: Ian Poulter Fashion Show
Englishman Ian Poulter is known for his stylish, sometimes outrageous, on-course apparel. No wonder he designs his own clothes off-course. See some of Poulter's most colorful golf outfits.

Gallery: John Daly in Loudmouth Pants
We said above that loud, obnoxious golf apparel styles still exist. Here's visual evidence.

Why Do Masters Champions Get a Green Jacket?
What's so special about a Green Jacket anyway? Here's how the Green Jacket came to be associated with Augusta National.

Golf Apparel News/Reviews

adidas puremotion Tour apparel
Puma SportLux collection
Nike Innovation Woven Cover-Up
Sun Mountain Cumulus rain suit
Sunice Spring 2014 outerwear collections
adidas Gore-Tex 2-Layer rain suit
AUR Spring 2014 collection
Antigua Performance 72 men's collection
Nike Hyper-Adapt Storm Fit jacket
FootJoy DryJoys Tour XP Rain Gear
Sunice Silver 2013 Summer Collection
Tommy Hilfiger Golf Fall 2013
FJ HydroLite Rainwear
Sun Mountain StormTight rain gear
Antigua men's 2013 golf apparel
Martin Golf Spring 2013 men's collection
Sun Mountain Headwind windshirts
G-Mac by Kartel Spring 2013 collection
Sunice Edge outerwear collection
Antigua Women's Spring 2013 collection
IJP Design Autumn-Winter 2012 collection
Sunice 2012 Outerwear collection
Sub70 Golf Cardigan
Nike Tour Performance Spring 2012 collection
AUR Spring 2012 golf apparel collection
Sun Mountain Torrent rain gear
Nike Tour Premium Spring 2012 collection
Nike Sport apparel collection
Kate Lord Spring 2012 women's collection
adidas Fashion Performance collection
FootJoy DryJoys Premier Rainsuit
Sub70 launches debut US collection
Puma TransDry polos
Fila Golf 2011 apparel collection
Loudmouth Spring 2011 plaids
Abacus 2011 outerwear collection
ProQuip relaunching outerwear brand in North America
Review: adidas ClimaProof Storm Ultimate jacket
Sunice Spring 2011 outerwear collection
adidas ClimaProof Outerwear collection
Antigua Spring 2010 men/women collections
Dunning Spring 2010 men's collection
Sun Mountain Monsoon jacket/pants outerwear
House of Carrington Ice Feel shirts
Sligo Wear 2010 Spring collection
Lija "Twilight in Italy" collection
Quagmire Golf collection
Abacus Pitch rain jacket
Sun Mountain WeatherShield outerwear
Review: Sunice Typhoon Cameron waterproof jacket
Review: adidas ClimaProof Storm 3-Way Convertible Jacket
adidas ClimaProof Storm 3-Way Jacket
Dunning 2009 golf and sportswear collections
Sunice Hurrican outerwear
Lija Spring 2009 golf and sportswear collections
FootJoy TechSof Socks
Sun Mountain RainFlex outerwear
Zero Restriction Rainplay System
Outerwear from FootJoy; Sevenwood offers women's apparel
Apparel from Lija, Mike Weir
Sun Mountain "Provisional" provides insurance against bad weather
Loudmouth Golf: Pants that make Jesper look conservative
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