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Free Online Golf Games

In this section you'll find links to and a little information on free online golf games from around the Web. All games on these pages are free to play. Only games that involve playing a "real" golf course or driving range are listed here; that's opposed to free online mini golf games, which are listed on a separate page.

NabiscoWorld Golf Course
Play 18 holes of golf, amateur and pro levels, Shockwave required. Read this review to learn a little about playing the game, then tee off.

NabiscoWorld Driving Range
Amateur and pro levels, Shockwave required. Read this review to learn a little about playing, then tee off.

Candystand Desert Golf
Play 9 or 18 holes over a desert golf course.

Candystand Links Golf
Play 9 or 18 holes over a links-style golf course. Be sure to take the wind into account.

Candystand Mountain Golf
Play 9 or 18 holes over a mountain golf course. Remember - the ball carries farther at altitude.

Candystand Line Golfer
Here's an unusual approach: The folks who play this game can draw their own golf course, then play it. Share your design with others, or play a course designed by someone else. Very simple graphics and line drawings (and a stickman golfer).

Pin High Country Club Golf
Offered on the Shockwave.com site and built by Skyworks. Uses the traditional rotating swing guide, one click to start, one click to determine distance, one click to determine accuracy.

World Golf Tour
Take part in skills challenges or engage in stroke play; play alone or in multiplayer mode.

Arkadium Golf Challenge
"Arkadium" is the name of the studio that created this game, in which you can play the front nine, back nine, or a skills challenge. Free to play after watching an advertisement; additional features accessible by registering.

Shot Online
This free, role-playing MMO games requires a download, but can be played for free, or the gamer can elect to purchase upgrades and add-ons.

Gimme Golf Online
Gimme Golf offers free basic gameplay - access to two courses and two characters - after a Java-based download. Additional characters, courses and cash prizes require premium membership.

Golf Game by Skillpod
This 9-hole Flash game is controlled by the arrow keys and your space bar.

Squirrel Golf
Yes, it's as squirrely as the name implies: launching squirrels (at least they have helmets on) to a green.

Squirrel Golf 2
If you liked using poor little squirrels as golf balls in "Squirrel Golf," then SGII is for you.

The "sab" are the initials of the script writer, we think. This is a basic javascript game. Play the front 9 or back 9. Watch out for spyware popups on this site.

Flash Golf 2001
A basic 2D Flash game, nine holes. Not bad as these basic games go. Choose clubs and activate the power disc.

Pretty Good Golf
An old and very simplistic Shockwave game.

This site offers a selection of free, basic golf games. No frills here.

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