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Golf Stretching

Add Flexibility, Guard Against Injury with Golf Stretching


The term "golf stretching" refers to stretches and stretching routines that specifically benefit golfers. The stretches on this page are ones that focus on parts of the golfer's body that are most used during the golf swing, and that can most benefit the golfer by being improved upon.

Remember, when adding any new stretches or exercises, go slow and pay attention to form. Consult your physician before initiating any new workout regimen.

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Simple Stretches for Your Golf Warmup

golf stretching
Illustrations by Moki Kokoris; Reprinted with Permission from Doctor Divot Publishing, Inc.
This is a complete routine of stretches that the golfer can do at the course, prior to teeing off, to get all the parts of the body primed and ready to go.

Video: 5 Stretches for a Quick Golf Warm-up

Five Quick Stretches Video
Don't have much time to warm up before stepping onto the first tee? There's always time to do a few quick stretches. This video shows you five stretches that can help you get the round off to a good start.

Twisting Lunge with Club

Use a golf club for this one, which can be done at the course, on the driving range or at home. It stretches the hip flexors, quads and core rotational muscles.

Standing Twist with Club

standing twist
Perform Better Golf, Inc.
This is such a simple golf stretching maneuver there's no reason you can't start doing it right now before teeing off.

"Openers" Lower Back Stretch

"Openers" is the name of the exercise, the lower back is the part of the body being stretched. A good stretch for preventing lower back pain or injury.

Spine Stretch Over Swiss Ball

You'll need a Swiss ball (a k a, fitness ball or exercise ball) for this golf stretching. The Spine Stretch can help your upper back and lead to improved golf posture.

Alternating Arm and Leg Extensions

arm and leg extensions
Courtesy of BioForce Golf; used with permission
It's kind of like the hokey-pokey, only on all fours! And it does a much better job than the hokey-pokey of stretching out the lower back.

Straight Leg Rotational Hamstring Stretch

The hammies are obviously targeted by this stretch, but it also does a good job on the lower back and helps the golfer with his or her core flexibility, too.

Stretches to Make Putting Practice Easier

golf stretching
Courtesy of Golf Fitness Magazine; used with permission
Spending a lot of time on the practice putting green often leads to a sore back. All that bending over. This group of stretches is designed for the golfer to use during putting practice, to keep the lower back, hips and neck all feeling fine.

"Rotators" Hamstring Stretch

This golf stretching exercise is called "Rotators," and it deals with stretching out those hamstrings.
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