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Back Exercises for Golf

Stretches and Back Exercises for Golfers


The golf swing isn't easy on our backs. All that twisting and bending can lead to back pain, or even injury. These back exercises for golf are for golfers who want to avoid back pain and injury. Some focus on the lower back, others on the upper back.

As with all exercises, be sure to consult your physician before beginning any new physical workout routine, and especially so if you are already suffering back pain.

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Two Stretches For Preventing Back Pain

back exercises for golf
Perform Better Golf, Inc.
The two simple stretches described in this article are targeted at golfers who sometimes suffer achy backs. They are easy enough that you can even do them in an office chair, while sitting at your work desk (make sure the boss doesn't catch you!).

Cats Up, Cats Down

This back exercise for golf has you on all fours, arching your back upward - like a cat. It's good for targeting flexibility in the lower back.

Alternating Arm and Leg Extensions

Here's another lower back exercises in which the golfer starts on all fours. This one targets the strengthening of the lower back.

Seated Russian Twist

Seated Russian Twist
Photo courtesy BioForce Golf; used with permission
Here's an exercise with benefits to various parts of the golfer's body - the abdominals and obliques, plus the lower back. It benefits the entire mid-section. And you don't even have to be Russian to do it!

Spine Stretch for Better Golf Posture

Many golfers display a "hump" in their upper back when they set up to the golf ball. It's not necessarily a real hump, but it looks that way because of slouching. The correct golf posture is important, and this spine stretch - using a Swiss ball (a k a fitness ball) - helps stretch out the upper back and combat the hump.

"Openers" - A Preventive Back Exercise

Most golfers will encounter back pain at some point during their playing days. Back exercises for golf are a good way of trying to stave off such problems. And "Openers" is the name of this exercise that targets prevention.

Straight Leg Rotational Stretch

back exercises for golf
This one is actually titled "Straight Leg Rotational Hamstring Stretch," but it's an exercise that benefits the back, too. Improving flexibility is the aim here.

Golf Warmup Stretches

The link here takes you to Page 5 of a 10-page tutorial on pre-golf warmup stretching. Page 5 highlights a Lateral Back Stretch that you can do on the course before teeing off. Page 7 showcases a Lower Back/Trunk Rotation exercise that, again, you can do on the course before teeing off. Page through the full article to view some other great stretches that are easy to incorporate into a warmup routine.
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