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This Golf Exercise Targets the Lower Back


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Strengthening the Lower Back, a Problem Area for Golfers
Arm and Leg Extension Exercise

The start position for the Alternating Arm and Leg Extension exercise.

Photo Courtesy of BioForce Golf; used with permission
The aging process can rob the body of strength. A common area of concern for the golfer is the lower back. Statistics show that one out of every two golfers will incur a lower back injury during their playing careers.

The golf swing places a tremendous amount of stress on the lower back. For golfers who are not in top shape, the lower back will fatigue very quickly. For these golfers, stamina in the lower back decreases very quickly as they age if they don't work on reversing the natural muscles loss.

In order to combat the stresses of the golf swing and aging process, I strongly recommended starting a lower back strengthening exercise program. This type of golf-specific exercise program will lower the possibility of a golf-related injury and keep you playing as your body ages.

A great golf-specific lower back strengthening exercise is the Alternating Arm and Leg Extension. This exercise improves the strength and endurance of the muscles in your lower back, hopefully keeping you on the golf course a lot longer.

On the next page are the step-by-step instructions for this lower back exercise. The photo above shows the start position.

Take this exercise very slow if you have not performed exercises like this in the past. Pay particular attention to your form and performing the movements correctly. Make sure you are in good health and cleared by your physician before starting your golf-training program.

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