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Golf Stretch - Twisting Lunge with a Club


Twisting Lunge with a Club

Mike Pedersen demonstrates the Twisting Lunge with a Club exercise.

Photos courtesy of Perform Better Golf, Inc.; used with permission
Golf stretching used to be rare, but now is the norm - especially for older golfers. But stretching for golf is a bit different than plopping your foot on a counter in your kitchen to loosen your hamstring.

In fact, stretching for golf should incorporate mostly rotational stretches for your core, lower back, shoulders and hips. This approach will help you see improvement on the course quickly.

The following stretch is very golf-specific. In the photo, you see that I am in a lunge position with a rotation. So I am stretching the hip flexors, quads and core rotational muscles all in one. This golf stretch I call Twisting Lunge With A Club:


  • Get a middle iron and place it vertically in the ground to your right.
  • Lunge down with your left leg forward and the back knee bent.
  • While shifting your weight onto your front leg, Extend your arms on the club to feel a stretch in your backswing muscles, as well as hip flexors, quads and core.
  • Hold for 15 seconds, release and repeat other side.
  • You can also switch lead legs to feel a slightly different stretch.

Go slow with any new exercise you have not performed in the past. Check with your physician before undertaking any new physical training program.

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