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Golf Backswing Exercise with Dumbbell


Backswing with Dumbbell

Mike Pedersen demonstrates the Backswing with Dumbbell exercise.

Photos courtesy of Perform Better Golf, Inc.; used with permission
When incorporating strength training in your golf fitness routine, the most important issue is similarity: Doing strength training exercises that closely mimic your golf swing, or at least a phase of your golf swing.

This exercise is a good example of a golf-specific strength exercise. Can you see the golf component in it? I call it Backswing With A Dumbbell:


  • Hold a dumbbell in your lead hand and get in your golf posture.
  • Your palm should face your leg similar to when holding your club.
  • Maintain golf posture and bring arm across body to a half backswing.
  • Do not swing the weight. Feel like you are using your muscles to move it.
  • Bring it back to the start and repeat for 3 sets of 12 reps.
Always go slow with new exercises. Consult a physician before launching any new regimen of exercise or strenuous activity.
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