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Lunge With a Twist: Exercise to Increase Golf Swing Speed


Lunge with a Twist Exercise to improve golf swing speed

Mike Pedersen demonstrates the starting position for the Lunge With a Twist golf swing speed exercise.

Courtesy of Perform Better Golf, Inc.; used with permission
Many golfers are looking to improve their golf swing power, distance and golf swing speed in a search for longer drives. Unfortunately, many such golfers are looking in the wrong place. The senior golfer especially needs to look beyond the latest-greatest $500 driver and look at the engine to improving golf swing speed and power.

What is that engine? It's your body!

Your body dictates your golfing ability. There is no way around it. You have to realize you're an athlete. A golfing athlete. Have you ever heard of an athlete not working on his/her body to prepare for optimal performance?

Golf weight training exercises are some of the quickest ways to improving your golf swing speed and power off the tee. Combining the golf strength of your lower body, core and upper body is an approach that will give you results rapidly.

I have a golf exercise that I often recommend for improving swing speed, and that I find is very effective. It's called "Lunge With a Twist." This golf strength exercise combines the power in your lower body with the core rotational movement needed for maximum golf swing speed and distance.

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