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Golf Flexibility Exercise - Backswing Stretch with Club


Backswing Stretch with Club

Mike Pedersen demonstrates the Backswing Stretch with Club.

Photos courtesy of Perform Better Golf, Inc.; used with permission

Every golfer wants to know the secret golf flexibility exercise that Tiger Woods and all the other pros do to create maximum golf swing power. Alas, there is no secret exercise for golf that will overnight transform your golf swing and game. And the pros put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you do.

But I will say this, and emphatically: Doing a specific golf flexibility exercise for your swing fault or power leak can have a tremendous and rapid impact on your golf swing.

You see, if you focus on your physical limitations and implement golf flexibility and strength exercises to address those limitations, you will, in fact, be on the road to playing the best golf of your life.

The photo on this page shows a fantastic golf flexibility exercise you can do during play, or before you tee off, that can enable you to make a full and complete backswing for maximum golf swing speed every time.

Backswing Stretch with Club
• Step 1: Extend left arm out in front of you (if you are a right handed golfer).
• Step 2: Take both hands and place on top of club.
• Step 3: Drop upper body down against club to feel a stretch in your left shoulder.
• Step 4: Hold at least 15 seconds, repeat once more, then do the opposite arm for your follow-through side.

This golf flexibility exercise is one of the most effective stretches you can do to increase your backswing range of motion and eliminate tension for an effortless golf swing.

You can do this exercise every second or third hole during your round to maintain a full backswing for the full 18 holes.

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