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Two Stretching Exercises for Golf Back Pain

They Help Loosen the Lower Back and Can Be Done in the Office or Home


Nick Watney
Sam Greenwood/Staff/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Golfers are always dealing with stiff and achy backs, and doing golf stretching exercises can help mitigate the problem of golf back pain. If time is a crunch, I have a couple easy golf stretching exercises you can do right in your office, while sitting in your chair.

The Seated Twist is a fantastic golf stretching exercise that will not only loosen up your back to minimize pain, but will give you a greater backswing and follow-through range of motion, resulting in more power and distance with all your clubs.

The Seated Hamstring Stretch is an effective golf stretch that will loosen up your hamstrings and lower back. You will be able to maintain your golf posture with less pain and discomfort in your lower back and even glutes.

Seated Twist
• Golf muscles trained: Obliques, Lower Back, and Abdominals
• Exercise benefits: Loosens back, minimizes pain and improves backswing/follow through range of motion.

How to do the Seated Twist:

Step 1: Sit upright in your office chair, with chest high and back straight.
Step 2: Reach behind you with your left arm, which will rotate your upper body.
Step 3: Leverage your right arm against your left leg, creating torque.
Step 4: Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat.
Step 5: Switch arms and rotate the opposite way, hold and repeat.

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