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Conditioning Drill for Better Golf Posture

Improve Your Golf Posture with the Spine Stretch Over Ball


Spine Stretch Over Ball

Mike Pedersen demonstrates the Spine Stretch Over Ball.

Photos courtesy of Perform Better Golf, Inc.; used with permission

Golf posture is critical to golf swing consistency and efficiency. Golf conditioning is one approach that can greatly improve any restriction that may occur during the golf swing in regards to golf posture. How many times have you heard a teaching pro say you need to improve your golf posture, but didn't give you any golf conditioning drills to achieve that goal?

The most prominent limitation in golf posture is the upper back. In nearly all the senior golfers you'll see that big hump in the upper back at address and throughout the golf swing. This "hump" will greatly reduce your body's ability to make a full rotation on the backswing (robbing you of power) and a full and complete rotation on the follow through, causing mishits and less yardage with all clubs.

The solution is simple, yet effective golf conditioning drills and exercises to pinpoint this problem and greatly lessen the limitation.

One simple golf conditioning drill is with the stability ball. I call it the Spine Stretch Over Ball. This stretch feels so good you'll get addicted to it. You'll start doing it every day!

Here's how:

Spine Stretch Over Ball
• Sit on stability ball and roll forward so ball is under lower back.
• Lower yourself backwards over the ball.
• Do not let your neck bend too far.
• Hold for20-30 seconds and repeat.

See the photo near the top of the column to the right to see how it looks.

Benefits to Golf Swing
• This is the best stretch for golfers needing to stretch lower and upper back to relieve tension.
• You can regain your natural lower back curvature for pain relief.
• It's also a nice stretch for the abdominals.

You will quickly notice an improvement in your ability to maintain an erect spine angle. This will result in a bigger backswing (creating more power) and an effortless follow through for more consistent shots. You can do this exercise in the convenience of your home every day.

Go slow with any new exercise you have not performed in the past. Check with your physician before undertaking any new physical training program.

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