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Fitness and Health for Golfers

Golf is a game that puts a lot of strain on a person's body. These golf fitness resources will help you gain a better understanding of golf fitness and how to avoid injuries.

Golf Fitness
Our index of Golf Fitness resources includes exercises, stretches, and informational articles about the physical benefits of golf

Golf Safety
Golf isn't a dangerous sport - unless certain common-sense safety guidelines are ignored. Below are resources on About.com Golf that directly address golf safety guidelines, plus a few more that touch on issues of golf safety. Check them out and stay safe on the golf course.

Golf Exercises
Golf exercises are those that specifically target the muscles used during the golf swing. Here are some great golf exercises described and demonstrated.

Golf Stretching
The term "golf stretching" refers to stretches and stretching routines that specifically benefit golfers. The stretches on this page are ones that focus on parts of the golfer's body that are most used during the golf swing, and that can most benefit the golfer by being improved upon. Remember, when adding any new stretches or exercises, go...

Guess What? Golf Is Good For You
Is playing golf good exercise? Is it a valuable physical activity? A scientific study puts that question to rest for good with conclusions about calories burned and miles walked.

Common Golf Injuries - Most Common Injuries Suffered by Golfers
What are the most common injuries suffered by golfers? This list runs down 10 of them, and you can find out more about them - such as symptoms and possible treatments - by clicking through.

Golf Course Safety - Some Simple Safety Guidelines for Golfers
Are there dangers on a golf course? Yes, but following these simple safety guidelines makes those dangers extremely unlikely.

Golf Core Exercises
An individual's "core" is, very basically, his midsection - all the muscles, bones and ligaments from above the knees to below the check. It's important for golfers to target the core in any workout routine to add flexibility (and potentially more yards through a greater coil) and guard against injury.

The golf core exercises listed here can help golfers do that. Remember: Go slow with any ne…

Back Exercises for Golf
The golf swing isn't easy on our backs. All that twisting and bending can lead to back pain, or even injury. These back exercises for golf are for golfers who want to avoid back pain and injury. Some focus on the lower back, others on the upper back.

As with all exercises, be sure to consult your physician before beginning any new physical workout routine, and especially so if you are already…

Golf Warmup Exercises Can Save You Strokes
Using golf warmup exercises before your round can help you shoot lower scores.

Golf Stretches - Simple Stretches for Your Golf Warmup
In this excerpt from his book, "Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries," orthopedic specialist Larry Foster, M.D., tells us about a series of simple stretches that should be part of your warmup routine at the golf course.

Can Some Drivers Cause Hearing Loss?
Do thin-faced titanium drivers cause hearing loss in some golfers? That is the question under study by a group of British doctors.

Strengthen Your Hip Abductor Muscles for a Better Weight Shift
Here are exercises that golfers can do to strengthen weight muscles for an better weight shift during the swing.

Golf Fitness Program for Getting Back Into the Game
How do you get back into the game following the offseason, or any layoff from golf? Try this golf fitness program for winter conditioning or to get back into golf after any layoff.

Golf Swing - Add Flexibility to Add Consistency
Did you know that your level of fitness - specifically, your flexibility - affects how consistent you can be with your golf swing?

Improving Core Strength Can Help Women Add Distance to their Golf Games
Golf-specific strength training can help women golfers, too. Annika Sorenstam proved that improving your core strength can help a woman golfer add yards.

Five Healthy Tips for Improving Your Score
Golf fitness expert Mike Pedersen provides five tips for eating better and warming up better that can help your game.

Golf Fitness - Walk the Course for Health
This three-part golf fitness series on walking golf covers the benefits of walking - rather than riding - during your round.

Use the Winter to Get Fit for Spring
Golf fitness expert Mike Pedersen encourages us to use our offseason to get fit for the new golf season.

Golf Fitness - Stay Healthy on the Course
Golf fitness also means staying healthy during a round. Here are some tips on skin care, hydration and other golf fitness issues.

How to Prevent Golf Injuries
The Sports Medicine Guide weighs in on the subject with some great tips for preventing golf injuries before they occur.

About.com's Back and Neck Injury Guide
Back and neck woes are common problems for golfers. About.com's Back and Neck Injury/Chronic Pain guide has resources golfers might find helpful.

About.com's Exercise Guide
Find out more about exercise and healthy living from the About.com Exercise Guide.

About.com's Sports Medicine Guide
Need information about a sports medicine topic? Check the About.com Sports Medicine Guide.

More Health & Fitness Resources from About.com
About.com's Health & Fitness homepage offers dozens of guides to different health topics.

AAOS Fact Sheet
That's the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and they offer this fact sheet on golf fitness, specifically injuries and tips for preventing them.

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