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Who is the Youngest Golfer to Win a Major Championship?


Question: Who is the Youngest Golfer to Win a Major Championship?
Answer: Considering both men's and women's major championships, Young Tom Morris is the youngest major winner, and Morgan Pressel is the youngest in the "modern era" (post-1900).

Here are the recordholders for both men's and women's golf:

Youngest Men's Major Champion
• Pre-1900: Young Tom Morris, 17 years old, 1868 British Open
• Post-1900: Johnny McDermott, 19 years, 10 months old when he won the 1911 U.S. Open
For more, see youngest men's major winners

Youngest Women's Major Champion
• Morgan Pressel, 18 years, 10 months, 9 days old when she won the 2007 Kraft Nabisco Championship
For more, see youngest women's major winners

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