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Price of Golf Lessons: How Much Do They Cost?


Question: Price of Golf Lessons: How Much Do They Cost?
Answer: How much do golf lessons cost? We have to answer that question in general terms, because the price of golf lessons varies greatly from instructor to instructor. Some factors that go into determining what instructors charge include:

The experience and noteriety of the instructor. Obviously, David Leadbetter is going to charge more than the friendly club pro working at your local municipal course.

The facility where the golf pro works. Not every golf instructor is attached to a golf course, club, resort, or practice facility. But most are. And how expensive (or luxurious) that facility is is a good indicator of how expensive lessons will be from one of that facility's pros. A teaching pro who works at a course where the green fees are $175 is likely to charge more for lessons than one who works at a course with $40 green fees.

Duration. Golf lessons are typically offered in durations of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes. A 60-minute lesson from a less-expensive pro could very well be cheaper than a 30-minute lesson from a more expensive pro. It pays to call around and compare both lesson duration and rates.

There are many other factors that can affect price, but you get the picture.

So how much does a single lesson with a golf instructor cost? The low end is usually around $30, and the high end ranges above $100 to around $150. (For famous instructors - guys who work with tour pros - it can get much more expensive.)

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