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What is 'Bounce'?


Question: What is 'Bounce'?
Answer: The term "bounce" is used to describe a specific design of the soles of irons and wedges that is intended to reduce the "drag" of the sole through sand, longer grass or Bermuda grass; or, to reduce the incidence of hitting behind the ball (fat shots).

A bounce sole design is characterized by the rear sole edge (the trailing edge) being closer to the ground than the front sole edge (the leading edge) when the club is addressed behind the ball. That relationship of the front and back of the sole creates an angled surface on the bottom of the sole, which resists the clubhead digging deeper into sand or digging deeper into tall grass.

At the same time, if the bounce angle of the sole is too great, it will be a killer when trying to hit shots from hardpan or very thin turf - the trailing edge will contact the hard ground first and literally could cause the leading edge to "bounce" into the belly of the ball, thus creating a far greater chance of hitting the dreaded bladed shot.

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