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Golf Shafts FAQ

Answering Common Questions about Golf Club Shafts


golf shafts faq
Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Welcome to the Golf Shafts FAQ on About.com, where we answer some of the most-commonly asked questions about the technical aspects of golf shafts. Correction: Actually, Tom Wishon answers the questions, and that's a good thing. Wishon, of Tom Wishon Golf Technology, is an innovative club designer and a long-respected member of the golf equipment industry.

The FAQ titles are listed below. Click on a question to read the answer.

How are steel shafts made?

How are graphite shafts made?

How do steel and graphite shafts compare, and how do I know which is right for me?

What do the letters X, S, R, A and L on the shaft mean?

What are the effects of choosing an inappropriate shaft flex?

What are the elements that go into choosing the correct shaft flex for a golfer?

Are there industry-wide standards for shaft flex - is one company's "regular" flex the same as another's?

What is "kickpoint"?

Does a shaft's bend profile influence trajectory, and if so, how much?

What is "torque," and how important a consideration is it?

What is "frequency matching"?

What is "spining"?

How important a factor is the weight of the shaft?

What is the typical lifespan of a golf shaft?

Will heat or cold damage my graphite shafts?

When should I have my shafts replaced?

Do golf shafts become more or less flexible over time, or "wear out" with longterm use?

What effect does trimming the shaft have on flex?

If I want to cut down my shafts, should I trim from the grip end or the head end?

I've heard the expression, "the shaft is the engine of the club." What does that mean? Is it true?

Does the type of shaft in my putter have any effect on my putting?

Poll: Do you prefer steel or graphite?

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