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Training Aid Reviews

Golf Training Aid Reviews and Ratings


These training aid reviews are of the gadgets and gizmos and whatzits marketed to golfers with the claim they can improve our games. You can add your own comments to these training aid reviews, or try your hand at writing one.
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1. Wanted: Your Training Aid Reviews

Do you tinker with training aids trying to improve your scores? We'd love to get your opinions about the training aids you've tried. Submit your review and we'll publish it here on About.com.

2. Sonic Golf System-1 Trainer

Sonic Golf System-1 Golf Trainer
Courtesy of Sonic Golf; used with permission
The Sonic Golf System-1 is an audio feedback trainer developed by a Yale University professor and first shown off to the general public by Hank Haney in a Golf Channel television series. So it has bona fides. But does it help golfers?

3. The Golf Mat

training aid reviews
Courtesy of National Golf Products
Endorsed by Vijay Singh, The Golf Mat is an artificial turf practice mat with a twist: When the golf club strikes the turf, The Golf Mat "gives" - allowing golfers to swing as if they are on real turf and can take a divot.

4. DivotMat

The Tiffin Company Inc.
The DivotMat is a nifty training aid. Like most training aids, it won't be for everyone. But for those who become proficient at using it, the DivotMat can provide instant feedback to golfers on the quality of their swings ... or on the problems in their swings.

5. Inside Approach

training aid reviews
Courtesy of Inside Approach
The Inside Approach golf training aid is a very simple, easy to use but highly effective swing trainer that should help all who use it groove a better swing.

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