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Nike Golf Reviews

Reviews of Nike Golf Clubs and Balls


On this page of Nike Golf reviews you'll find ratings and recommendations about Nike Golf clubs submitted by our readers, along with About.com reviews. And you can also add your own Nike Golf reviews here. Click the category of the equipment you'd like to review, then fill in the submission form. (Reader review categories are listed first, followed by About.com ratings.)
More Reader Review categories

Reader Reviews: Nike Drivers

Nike SQ Machspeed Black Drivers - nike golf reviews
© Nike Golf
Have you played Nike Golf drivers? Want to let your fellow golfers know what you thought about the clubs? Submit your ratings here of Nike drivers you've tried. We'll publish your reviews on About.com.

Reader Reviews: Nike Fairway Woods

Nike SQ Machspeed Fairway Woods - nike reviews
© Nike Golf; used with permission
Submit your own review of a Nike fairway wood to share with other golfers. Fill in the submission form with your ratings of any Nike Golf fairway you've played.

Reader Reviews: Nike Hybrids

Have you played hybrid clubs from Nike Golf? If so, share your opinions about them by filling in this submission form. We'll publish your review and share your ratings with other golfers.

Reader Reviews: Nike Irons

Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons - nike reviews
© Nike Golf
The first Nike Golf clubs to make it into the equipment market was a set of irons in 2002. Nike has had many successful iron launches since. If you've played Nike Golf irons, we'd love to get your ratings of the clubs you play or played. Submit a review of Nike irons here.

Reader Reviews: Nike Wedges

Share your review of Nike Golf wedges here. We'll publish your ratings for other golfers to check out.

Reader Reviews: Nike Putters

Nike Method Putter - nike golf reviews
Courtesy of Nike Golf; used with permission
Have you rolled the ball with a Nike Golf putter? Nike has brought to market traditional-looking blades and oversized, geometric mallets, and plenty in-between. If you've putted with a Nike Golf instrument, add your review.

Reader Reviews: Nike Golf Balls

It takes balls to play golf, and Nike Golf has 'em. Lots of different models of golf balls, at different price points and for different skill levels. If you've knocked around any of those little Nike pellets, submit your ratings here.

Nike Method Core Concept Putter Review

Nike Method Core Concept Putter clubface and polymetal grooves
© Nike Golf
The Method Core Concept has a smaller footprint but performs like a mallet, the company claims. Does the unusual design produce the results that Nike promises? Yes. But the design can be a bit distracting, too. Read on for details.

Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons Review

Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons
© Nike Golf
About.com reviewed this set of Nike Golf irons and found much to like. However, one concern expressed by the test group kept these irons from getting the highest rating.

Nike SQ Dymo Str8-Fit Driver Review

Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit Driver
Photo © Nike Golf
The Str8-Fit fitting system for adjusting loft, lie and face angle was introduced by Nike in the SQ Dymo Str8-Fit driver. About.com gave the driver five stars in this review. Read to find out why.
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