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Hybrid Reviews

Golf Hybrid Reviews and Ratings


Hybrid reviews focus on those iron or fairway wood replacement clubs, the clubs so-named because they are "hybrids" of irons and fairway woods, combining elements of both. Add your comments to the hybrid reviews listed below; or try writing hybrid reviews yourself - yours might wind up listed here, too.
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1. Submit Your Own Golf Hybrid Reviews

This link takes you to our index of Reader Review categories. Once there, see the section near the top for golf clubs, then choose the manufacturer whose hybrid you'd like to review. After that, write your review and send it in.

2. Miura MG HB3 Hybrid Review

Miura MG Hybrids HB4
© Miura Golf
A company best-known for forged, muscleback irons produces a hybrid with prominent face bulge and the look of a game-improvement club. Does it work? Our reviewer says the Miura MG HB3 hybrids are well-deserving of attention.

3. Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrids

A strong draw bias leads to these Adams hybrids receiving something of a left-handed compliment in this review.

4. Ping G20 Hybrids

Do the Ping G20 hybrids offer a breakthrough in hybrid performance? No, but they do offer updates to and improvements on their predecessors, the G15 hybrids, and solid performance on the golf course.

5. Cleveland Mashie

Cleveland Mashie Hybrid at Address
© Cleveland Golf
The Mashie hybrid by Cleveland Golf has a throwback name and a bit of a throwback look. But how does its modern technology perform?

6. Cobra Baffler Rail H

Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid
© Cobra Golf Incorporated; used with permission
The original Baffler from Cobra Golf is generally regarded as the club that launched the hybrid category. The Baffler Rail Hybrid, or Rail H, is the 2010 model.

7. Srixon Z-TX Hybrids/Fairways

Srixon Z-TX Hybrids
Courtesy of Srixon Golf; used with permission
This review is of the hybrids and fairway woods that are included in Srixon's Z-TX line of clubs. Their attractive looks draw raves, but what about performance?

8. Cleveland Niblick

Cleveland Niblick Short-Iron Hybrid
Courtesy of Cleveland Golf; used with permission
The Niblick is a utility club designed for trouble shots, recovery shots, and short shots around the green. It's a short iron loft and length with a hybrid iron clubhead.
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