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Golf Bag Reviews


Golfers have to have a place to store their clubs during play, right? You can't just walk around with a bunch of clubs in your hand! Golf bag reviews below look at some of the features of bags, which can vary widely depending on the type of bag. Add your own comments to these golf bag reviews, or try writing your own golf bag reviews and submitting one for consideration.
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1. Reader Reviews: Golf Bags

You have opinions about golf bags you've bought, right? Here's your chance to share them. Submit a review and we'll publish your golf bag reviews on About.com.

2. Ogio Chamber Cart Bag

Ogio Chamber Bag Top
© Ogio
The Ogio Chamber cart bag promises to keep your clubs quiet - no banging and clanging into each other - during rides on the bag of a cart. The key is technology Ogio calls the Silencer Club Protection System (golf bag top pictured at left). Does it work? Is it a good bag otherwise? Read the review.

3. Sun Mountain H2NO Stand Bag

Sun Mountain H2NO Golf Bag is a stand bag and is waterproof
© Sun Mountain; used with permission
The Sun Mountain H2NO bag is fully waterproof when the rain hood is used as directed. That includes nylon-coated zippers on the pockets to keep the moisture out.

4. Eazy Bag

Eazy Bag by LT Golf
© LT Golf
The Eazy Bag has a unique design: The front of the bag is open, allowing clubs to be pulled through the opening rather than lifted up and out over the top rim. It's aimed at women, seniors or anyone with shoulder/upper arm issues.

5. Ogio Devolver

Ogio Devolver Golf Bag
Courtesy of Ogio; used with permission
It's called the "Devolver" because it devolves - breaks down - into two component bags with less functionality. The fully functional cart bag is a good one, but you can strip it down to lighter sizes for different uses.

6. Bag Boy Revolver Pro Cart Bag

BagBoy Revolver Pro Cart Bag
Courtesy of BagBoy; used with permission
The Revolver Pro is lightweight as cart bags go, offers copious storage and easy access to clubs. Those elements lead our reviewer to give a big thumbs-up to this bag.
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