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Top 10 New Drivers of 2005


Here are our end-of-the-year selections for the best new drivers of 2005:

1. Ping G5

Similar in shape to the popular G2, with lofts increased up to 13.5 degrees, the Ping G5 driver packs an internal weighting system into its 460cc clubhead. We've gotten nothing but raves about this driver from folks who've been blasting it down the fairway.
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2. Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3

This is the original Big Bertha Fusion on steroids. It's the driver that Callaway's touring pros (including Mickelson and Sorenstam) were using in prototype form beginning in around the end of 2004. It lives up to the Big Bertha name. More info
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3. KZG Gemini 460

The original KZG Gemini was our No. 2 pick in 2004. The 460cc version is another big winner. See our article about the original Gemini for more on the "twin-faced" technology employed.

4. Innovex CFD

"CFD" stands for "cup-faced design," and Innovex stands for high-quality equipment at lower prices. That's certainly true of this high-launching, far-carrying driver suited to golfers of varying skill levels. And it can be had for less than $200.

5. Cobra 460 SZ

The original Cobra SZ driver was among the best of 2004. This updated, 460cc version is a great choice for mid- and higher handicappers. More info

6. Alpha C830.2

This is one of the most popular drivers on the world's long-drive tours, but we found it playable for a wider range of golfers than you might expect. It's a cool looking bomber, too. (The C830.2 has been in use on long-drive tours since 2003, but we first reviewed the club in 2005.)

7. Infiniti Propulsion 460

Not yet familiar with Infiniti? Give 'em some time. Or give the Propulsion 460 a shot. This driver feels great in the hands and at impact. Lofts up to 14 degrees, plus an offset model, are available.

8. Adams Redline RPM 430Q

This driver was the first on the market to combine oversized design, composite crown and moveable weights into one driver.

9. TaylorMade r5 Dual TP

It carries the TP (Tour Preferred) designation, so you know it's going to be very expensive. But if the price (over $700 at launch) is something you can afford, the r7/r5 technology is well-proven and much-praised.
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10. Mizuno MX-500

A toe insert combines with a composite crown to move weight around this maxed-out, 460cc sledgehammer. A higher trajectory and greater forgiveness are the results you should expect. More info
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