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Wilson Staff 2009 Golf Clubs Lineup


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Wilson Staff Spine Fairway Woods and Women's Driver
Wilson Staff Spine Fairway Woods
Courtesy of Wilson Golf; used with permission
The Wilson Staff Spine driver has been around since 2007. The Spine line is so-named because of a ridge, or spine, on top of the clubhead, running from the clubface rearward, that is designed to reinforce the clubface behind the impact zone.

New for 2009 is the Wilson Staff Spine women's driver along with Spine fairway woods.

The women's Spine driver comes in a loft of 14-degrees and a black finish with "light champagne pink accents." There's also a new men's Spine driver, a 12-degree offset model. The Spine drivers have MSRPs of $399.99.

The Wilson Staff Spine fairway woods come in 3 and 5 models, lofts of 15 and 18 degrees respectively, and carry MSRPs of $249.99.

Two More from Wilson Staff
Two other members of the Wilson Staff 2009 lineup were announced during the second half of 2008. See the following pages for info on these two:

For more information on any of the clubs included here, visit wilsonstaff.com.

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