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Wilson Staff 2009 Golf Clubs Lineup


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Wilson Staff Smooth Driver
Wilson Staff Smooth Driver
Courtesy of Wilson Golf; used with permission
The Wilson Staff Smooth is the driver that Padraig Harrington began using midway through 2008, and Wilson introduced it to the American market in January 2009.

The Smooth is designed for golfers seeking a more traditional shape and appearance in their jumbo driver, the company says. It offers higher ball speeds and improved distance compared to previous Wilson Staff models.

The Wilson Staff Smooth incorporates Fujikura E-Fit Shaft Technology, with two stock series available depending on player profile:

  • The E 100 series comes in R and R2 flexes and is designed for golfers with smoother swing tempos. With increased tip flexibility, this shaft series offers a higher launch with slightly more spin.

  • The E 300 series comes in S and X flexes and is geared for stronger golfers with faster tempos who want lower spin and a mid launch.

The Wilson Staff Smooth driver arrives with an MSRP of $499.99.

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