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Titleist 909 Series Drivers


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Titleist 909 Drivers
Titleist 909 DComp Driver
Courtesy of the Acushnet Company; used with permission
The Titleist 909 driver line includes three models with tour profiles aimed at skilled golfers. Each of the three drivers has a different center of gravity position, differentiating the drivers' launch conditions and ball flights.

The three models are the 909 DComp (high launch with low to mid spin); 909D2 (mid launch with low to mid spin); and 909D3 (mid launch with low spin).

The centers of gravity in all three models are deeper and lower than in any previous Titleist drivers, the company says.

"Our mission is to provide products that will allow better players to play their best," Steve Pelisek, General Manager Titleist Golf Clubs, is quoted in the news release. "In terms of performance, the new 909s are our most technologically advanced for launch, ball flight, sound and solid feel."

The Titleist 909 drivers showed up on the PGA Tour in June, 2008, first at the U.S. Open. Chez Reavie and Parker McLachlin posted the first Tour victories with the 909 drivers in back-to-back weeks, each using the 909D2 model.

Most PGA Tour players using a 909 driver are opting for the 909D2, with a handful preferring the 909D3. (next page)

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