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Ping G15 and i15 Series


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Ping i15 Irons
Ping i15 Irons
© Ping Golf; used with permission
A progressive set aimed at better players who desire workability, the Ping i15 irons have long irons with larger, more forgiving clubheads, transitioning through the mid-irons into the short irons with smaller clubheads for greater control on approach shots.

The mid-irons in the set also include a tungsten weight insert in the toe, increasing forgiveness in the middle of the set.

The Ping i15 irons are available in 3-9 plus pitching wedge. Stock shafts are the Ping-designed AWT steel and the TFC 149i graphite. MSRP is $115 per club with steel shafts, or $142.50 per club with graphite shafts.

As a reminder, the new G15 series clubs by Ping are targeted at golfers who prioritize game-improvement features such as high MOI and high-launch engineering; the i15 series clubs are targeted at golfers who like to work the ball and favor a lower, tour-preferred mid-trajectory.

All the clubs featured on this and previous pages come with Ping's color-codes to help with fitting, 12 color codes total designating lie angles. Multiple custom shafts are available, and the Ping grips come in six sizes.

For more information on the G15 and i15 series from Ping, visit pinggolf.com.

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