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Ping G25 Woods and Irons


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Ping G25 Fairway Woods
Ping G25 Fairway Woods
© Ping Golf
Like the driver, the Ping G25 fairway woods come in a charcoal, non-glare finish. They also have what Ping calls an "extreme variable thickness" clubface, designed to translate the energy of impact into higher ball speeds.

The G25 fairway woods have a stainless steel construction in large but low-profile clubheads, with a low and deep center of gravity. They are built to help promote a higher launch, with more forgiveness - particularly on shots struck low on the clubface.

The Ping G25 fairways come in 3-wood (15 degrees of loft), 4-wood (16.5), 5-wood (18), and 7-wood (21). The stock graphite shaft is the TFC 189F, and the MSRP is $255.

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