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Early 2014 Putter Debuts from Bridgestone, Odyssey, Ping, Edel


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Ping Ketsch Putter
Ping Ketsch Putter
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Another new putter from Ping Golf early in 2014 is called the Ketsch.

The Ketsch putter has a mallet-style head made of aluminum, with a stainless steel sole weight. The stainless steel, being heavier than the aluminum, redirects more of the weight lower and away from the face to boost the moment of inertia.

The head of the putter has three white alignment lines against the backdrop of the matte-black crown, with the center line running all the way to the back. That design makes alignment easier, Ping says, for more golfers.

The Ketsch putter is milled at Ping with variable depth grooves in the clubface. The variable depth - deeper in the center, shallower toward the edges - helps keep ball speeds consistent across the face.

Ping makes the Ketsch putter available with any of three shaft bends to fit a a straight putting stroke, slightly arcing stroke, or strongly arcing stroke. Also, the shaft can be a fixed length (35 inches standard) or an adjustable-length (from 31 to 38 inches).

With a fixed shaft, the Ping Ketsch putter has an MSRP of $220; there is a $35 upcharge for the adjustable-length shaft. ping.com

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