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New Equipment Gallery - Nov. 20, 2009


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Feel Wedges 2010 Series
Feel Wedges Satin and Gun Metal Series 2010
Courtesy of Feel Golf; used with permission
Feel Golf is updating its Satin Series and Gun Metal series wedges in response to the groove design rules for 2010, with the company's new designs aimed at countering some of the loss of spin expected to result from those new groove rules.

To minimize the loss of spin with the new grooves, Feel has made changes to other elements of its wedges. Those changes include new metal compositions, different head weight distribution, new production processes and CNC-milled "Micro" lines over the wedge faces. All the changes are conforming and aimed at restoring some of the spin and control the new groove rules take away.

The Satin Series and Gun Metal series wedges from Feel Golf's 2010 lineup will be available in lofts of 46, 52, 56, 60, 64 and 73 degrees. For more info, visit feelwedges.com.

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