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New Equipment Gallery - Oct. 28, 2009


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Srixon Z-TX Driver
Srixon Z-TX Driver
Courtesy of Srixon Golf; used with permission
The Srixon Z-TX driver is aimed at competitive golfers and is constructed of lightweight and low-density materials. The clubface material is called "Super TI-X51" (and gives the driver its name), a highly elastic titanium. Another proprietary low-density titanium is used in the chassis construction, with weight saved repositioned to the clubhead perimeter to help boost the MOI.

These elements, combined with Srixon's "Starburst" face design that increases the size of the sweet spot, help golfers by providing a greater trampoline effect on off-center strikes.

The clubface's bulge and roll also help reduce sidespin, but the Srixon Z-TX is designed with a straight topline shape to help with alignment.

The Srixon Z-TX driver is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees, with a minimum advertised price (MAP) of $499. For more info, visit srixon.com.

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