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New Equipment Gallery - July 25, 2008


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Graphite Design Tour AD Throttle Shaft
Graphite Design AD Throttle Shaft
Courtesy of Graphite Design International; used with permission
Designed for golfers with aggressive, high-speed swings, Graphite Design International's Tour AD Throttle is a premium shaft geared to produce a lower, more penetrating ball flight with less spin.

The shaft, with a raw length of 47 inches, has a stiff tip, high bend point and low torque. It is available in four flexes: Turbo Charged (regular), Super Charged (stiff), Nitrous Charged (extra stiff) and Methane Charged (double X). The first three flexes weigh in at 70 grams; the double-X is 74 grams.

The Tour AD Throttle incorporates GDI's "Axial Composite Interlace" (ACI) technology, which weaves composite fibers and is placed at key power points in the shaft for enhanced feedback.

This shaft has an orange color scheme; a red version that is 48 inches in length is the official shaft of the Long Drivers of America and available only to LDA members. The orange, 47-inch model has an MSRP of $175. Visit www.gdintl.com or www.swingscience.net for more info.

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