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New Equipment Gallery - April 19, 2008


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KZG Q Driver
KZG Q Driver
Courtesy of KZG; used with permission
The "Q" is for "Quintessential," and KZG hopes this will be the quintessential weapon for golfers on the tee box.

The KZG Q Driver has a very high MOI (5,420) for great forgiveness. Designed from a one-piece, vacuum-cast titanium head, the Q has a shallow face to help promote a higher launch and more spin with a penetrating ball flight. Not to mention that distinctive "bright red tail."

The Q was designed by Clay Long, well-known for his work now with Nicklaus Golf and as Jack Nicklaus' personal club designer. Long has freelanced, so to speak, with KZG before, designing its popular Gemini driver several years ago.

The MSRP for the KZG Q Driver is $389. It is available from authorized KZG clubfitters. Visit www.kzg.com for info.

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