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New Equipment Gallery - March 17, 2009


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adidas 2009 Golf Shoes Lineup
adidas Tour360 Sport Golf Shoes
Courtesy of TaylorMade/adidas; used with permission
FitRX and FitRX Sport
Comfort and support at a sub-$100 price point are the aims in the FitRX line. The two shoes incorporate what adidas calls "3D FitFoam," an inlay sole whose top layer consists of thicker memory foam that conforms to the contours of each golfer's foot.

The FitRX Sport adds on the company's new "50/50 Protect" technology, which is described below. The MSRP for the FitRX is $99.99 and for the FitRX Sport $89.99.

Powerband 2.0
Following on the success of adidas' Powerband line, the Powerband 2.0 shoes are re-engineered. While they still feature the recognizable three, well, power bands on the sides of the shoes (designed to assist in energy transfer during the load phase, impact and finish phases of the golf swing), the 2.0 line also boasts an all-new Powerband Chassis to help add even more stability.

The Powerband 2.0 shoes also have a thinner outsole, keeping the feet closer to the ground. MSRP on the Powerband 2.0 shoes is $140. Multiple color schemes are available for both men and women.

Tour360 Sport
Like other shoes before it in the Tour360 line, the Tour360 Sport is named for adidas' "360Wrap" support system, "a visible technology that encircles the foot to deliver a customized fit while increasing stability and leverage," as the company describes.

New in the Tour360 Sport is "50/50 Protect" technology, the combination of a water-resistant TPU shield for the lower-half of the foot and an air-mesh top half to keep the foot cooler and to reduce the weight of the shoe.

The shoes in the Tour360 Sport line also boast quite a bold look, as you can see in the photo above. The MSRP for adidas Tour360 Sport golf shoes is $160. Multiple color schemes are available for both men and women. Visit www.adidasgolf.com for more info.

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